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OMNI300S - Half-size Single Board Computer, 386SX-40 EBC with CPU/DRAM, SCSI and...

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Half-size Single Board Computer, 386SX-40 EBC with CPU/DRAM, SCSI and DOC socket Simple Type: CPU Board

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  • 80386SX-40 based system board built with CPU and 1MB DRAM.
  • Built with socket for Flash memory disk(DiskOnChip) up to 24MB.
  • Built-in RTC and programmable watchdog timer.
  • Complete PC I/O and SCSI (optional) on board.
  • PC/104 connector and mounting holes supported.
  • Reserve ISA bus gold finger for expansion.


  • BIOS: Licensed Award BIOS
  • Chipset: Ali M6117B 386SX embedded controller with CPU, core logic, KBC and PC interface built-in
  • Clock/Calendar: Dollas DS-12887A with a lithium battery backup for 10 years of data retention
  • CPU: Intel 386SX compatible CPU running at 40MHz clock (5.0 volt)
  • Dimension: 185mm x 122mm
  • DRAM: 1MB DRAM on board, support one 72-pin SIMM sockets for FPM DRAM
  • Flash Memory Disk: Reserved socket for DiskOnChip from M-system, support up to 24MB Flash memory disk
  • ONBOARD I/O: On board SMC 37C669 super I/O, one bi-directional parallel port, up to 2 floppy drives supported, one ISA IDE, supports two IDE HDD's
  • Operating Temperature: 0 to 60C
  • Serial Ports: Two 16550 UART SIO's, with one optional for RS422/485
  • Watchdog Timer: BIOS setting with 1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64 second time-out intervals



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