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Portwell PPAP-3711VL Half Sized Network Appliance System Board - Intel Pentium 4/Celeron Support, USB, Serial Interfaces, 6x RJ-45 Ports Simple Type: CPU Board

The PPAP-3711VL all-in-one half-sized network appliance system board is designed to fit a high performance Celeron™ and Pentium® 4 based processor and compatible for high-end computer system application. It is made to meet today's demanding pace, and keep complete compatibility with hardware and software designed for the IBM PC/AT. It's beneficial to build up a high performance and high data availability system for VARs, or system integrators. This single board computer can run with Intel FC-PGA Celeron™ or Intel FC-PGA Pentium 4 processors (Speed up to 2.8GHz), and 184-pin DDR up to 2GB. The enhanced on-board PCI IDE interface support 2 drives up to PIO mode 4 timing and Ultra DMA/100 synchronous mode feature. The on-board Super I/O Chipset integrates only two serial ports, which are driven by two high performance 16C550-compatible UARTs to provide 16-byte send/receive FIFOs. Besides, the two Universal Serial Bus ports provide high-speed data communication between peripherals and PC. The built-in Watch-dog Timer function helps to monitor your system status. The on-board Flash ROM is used to make the BIOS update easier. An AC/DC adaptor power input jack is provided for AT mode operation. The high precision Real Time Clock/calendar is built to support Y2K for accurate scheduling and storing configuration information. All of these features make PPAP-3711VL excellent in stand-alone applications.

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  • Auxiliary I/O Interfaces: System reset switch, Power LED, LAN activity LED, HDD LED interface
  • BIOS: Award system BIOS with 64Kb Flash ROM to support DMI, PnP, Redirect to console.
  • Board Type: Half Size
  • Chipset: Intel 845GV
  • IDE Interface: One on-board DMA33 IDE channel to support two IDE devices, Default support 2.5" IDE devices only (3.5" IDE requires a converting cable)
  • L2 Cache Memory: 128KB/512KB PBSRAM built in (Celeron™/Pentium® 4) CPU module
  • Main Memory: Two 184-pin DDR socket, supporting 2.5V DDR up to 2GB
  • Main processor: Intel Celeron™/Pentium® 4 Processors. (Speed up to 2.8GHz)
  • PCI Golden Finger: One PCI golden finger edge connector for PCI connection
  • Power Good: On-board power good generator with reset time, 300ms~500ms
  • Power Inlet: One standard 20-pin ATX power connector, One on-board DC input jack
  • Processor: Intel Pentium 4
  • Serial Ports: One DB9 Connector for connecting to console, One internal Pin pair connector for optional LCD/Key pad module
  • USB Interface: Support two USB 2.0 ports for high speed I/O peripheral devices
  • Watchdog Timer: 255 intervals from 0.5 min. to 254.5 min. by software programming



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